Kristine Nutting is an Edmonton-based independent performance artist. Kristine holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts in Berlin, Germany at the Transart Institute. She writes, produces and performs large-scale theatre shows – typically with a minimum cast size of 8, and up to 30 or more performers – that ultimately tour using non-conventional spaces across Canada.

Kristine is currently in post-production on a short film.

Kristine's most recent success was writing, creating, producing, and directing "Devour Content Here: A Show." 

Her work is regarded as entertaining, grotesque and meta-theatrical – a storytelling vehicle which is pre-occupied with culture, class and the aesthetic form of theatre itself.

Kristine has worked regularly with Mile Zero Dance, and performed with art-rock metal band Brontoscorpio for three years.

Kristine won the Edmonton Artists' Trust Fund in 2010.